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CWC is amazing and has been a great experience for my kids. It is a fun environment where they get to learn but also get to have fun. Coaches are extremely knowledgeable and great with the kids!!

“The coaching staff always has a great attitude every time we show up. There isn’t one coach that wouldn’t help any kid at any time. You guys make the room fun as well to keep the kids wanting to come back but also demand the discipline from the wrestlers. The staff puts out a ton of hard work from their own personal time and they’re always pointing the club in the direction to excel.”

⁃ Ian Hammerschmitt

“Being part of Casper Wrestling Club was the best decision we ever made when it came to sports. My son Kian, 6, hated all sports and when he tried wrestling with CWC for the first time he loved it. He didn’t want to go home! Kian has a sensory disorder and we did not think it would be a good fit, but boy were we proven wrong. The patience, love and all around willingness to make sure he was comfortable, moving correctly and listening to the coaches was amazing to see coming from such wonderful coaches. If Kian had a few struggles, a coach took him to the side for one on one to help guide him better. My son loves wrestling now because of this club and I will always choose this club over any other any day! They are family and wrestling "home" for my boy.”

-Ashley Cantrell

So happy with this club and the atmosphere. The coach to wrestler ratio is always spot on, which can be hard to find in a club. The coaches do a great job connecting with the wrestlers and the parents and wrestlers are super friendly. Cannot recommend this club enough, it is perfect for new wrestlers, advanced wrestlers, and everyone in between.

Casper wrestling club is hands down the best club my family has ever been apart of. The coaches go above and beyond to make sure the wrestlers are taken care of. As a parent who knew nothing about wrestling prior to putting my 4 yr old in it I never felt lost. Everyone is so helpful. This club really feels like a family. After moving to Kansas and joining a new club we sure miss CWC!

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